Specifying Time IDocs Are Transferred to Communication Layer

When an IDoc is transferred to the communication layer, a transactional RFC (tRFC) passes it to an external system. The ALE layer transfers the IDoc.

The ALE layer carries out the IDoc Outbound Processing, which ends with dispatch control. Depending on the partner profile in Customizing for ALE, IDocs can be transferred in the following ways:

You should use the output mode Collect IDocs, especially for distributing master data. System performance is improved by creating and transferring IDocs at different times.

You can also Process IDocs in Packets for sets of IDocs.

You can specify that IDocs are to be collected by setting the outbound parameters for appropriate partner numbers in Customizing for ALE. Choose Communication ® Manual maintenance of partner profiles ® Maintain partner profile. To set the processing mode select the required message type.

The program RSEOUT00 passes collected IDocs to the communication layer. It can be run manually from Distribution Administration (ALE), by choosing Periodic processing ® ALE outbound IDocs and Dispatch. Alternatively the program can be run in a batch job.