Specifying Time IDocs Are Posted

There are two alternatives for posting IDocs in ALE inbound processing:

The program RBDAPP01 later releases the buffered IDocs for posting and groups them into IDoc packets enabling them to be processed by function modules that can mass process them.

You should use the processing mode Background, especially for distributing mass data. System performance is improved by creating and transferring IDocs at different times.

Packet Processing can be used to process individual inbound IDocs in the background. A function module capable of mass processing is required for this. Processing IDocs in Parallel has further advantages for inbound processing.

You can specify background processing for inbound IDocs, by entering a partner number in Customizing for ALE. Choose Communication ® Manual maintenance of partner profiles ® Maintain partner profile, and choose Inbound parameters. To set the processing mode select the required message type.

The program RBDAPP01 transfers the inbound IDocs to be posted to the posting function module. Alternatively on the Distribution Administration (ALE) screen, choose Periodic processing ® ALE inbound IDocs and choose Posting. Alternatively the program can be run in a batch job.