Mass Processing of IDocs

Mass processing refers to bundles of IDoc packets, which are dispatched and processed by the receiving R/3 System. Only one RFC call is needed to transfer several IDocs. Performance is considerably better when transferring optimal packet sizes.

To define the parameters for mass processing, select Communication ® Manual maintenance of partner profiles ® Maintain partner profiles. For a message type the parameters packet size and output mode can be defined.

If the output mode is set to Collect IDocs, outbound IDocs of the same message type and receiver are sent in a scheduled background job or in the BALE transaction in appropriately sized IDoc packets. The IDocs can be dispatched in batch or in the BALE transaction code.

Some distribution scenarios cannot support mass processing of inbound IDoc packets. This is especially true if the application sending the IDocs uses the ABAP command CALL TRANSACTION USING. In this case the outbound parameter PACKETSIZE must be set to "1".