Inbound Processing Step by Step

Inbound Processing Step by Step

Segment filtering

Segment filtering functions the same way in inbound processing as in outbound processing.

Field conversion

Specific field conversions are defined in ALE Customizing.

The conversion itself is performed using general conversion tools from the EIS area (Executive Information System).

Generalized rules can be defined. The ALE implementation guide describes how the conversion rules can be specified.

One set of rules is created for each IDoc segment and rules are defined for each segment field.

The rules for converting data fields from an R/2-specific format to an R/3 format can be defined in this way. An example of this R/2 - R/3 conversion is the conversion of the plant field from a 2 character field to a 4 character field.

For message types that can be reduced and for message types whose processing function module uses a CALL TRANSACTION, fields are not overwritten in the receiving R/3 System if the corresponding IDoc field contains the character "/".

In the table TBD51 processing function modules that use CALL TRANSACTION are indicated in the field DIALOG_ON.

Transfer Control

When the IDocs have been written to the database, they can be imported by the receiver application.

IDocs can be passed to the application either immediately on arrival or can follow in batch.

You can process an inbound IDoc in three ways:

  1. By calling a function module directly:
  2. – A function is called that imports the IDoc directly. An error workflow will be started only if an error occurs.

  3. By starting an SAP Business Workflow. A workflow is the sequence of steps to post an IDoc.
  4. – Workflows for ALE are not supplied.

  5. By starting a work item

– A single step performs the IDoc posting.

The standard inbound processing setting is that ALE calls a function module directly. For information about SAP Business Workflow alternatives refer to the online help for ALE programming.

You can specify the people to be notified for handling IDoc processing errors for each individual message type in SAP Business Workflow.