Performing Set Operations on Address List Versions


Before you can perform set operations, you require two or more address list versions. For more information, see Creating Additional Address List Versions.

During sales promotion processing, if you edit any of address list versions manually, you must save the sales promotion before you can perform any set operations.


  1. Access the version overview screen by choosing Display further versions on the sales promotion overview screen.
  2. Then enter the number of the sales support document to which the direct mailing belong.
  3. In the Set operations section of the versions overview screen, enter the number of the versions on which you want to perform set operations.
  4. Enter the appropriate indicator for the set operation you want to perform (union, intersection, difference) in the Set operations column.
  5. If the result of the set operation should be stored as a new version, make the appropriate entry in the New version column.


If you set an indicator in the New version column, the system creates an new address list version.

If you do not set an indicator in the New version column, the system replaces the version which you entered in the first column of the set operation section of the screen.

The system creates a log. You can access the log by choosing Edit ® Set operation ® Log.

The changes to versions resulting from set operations are saved automatically.