PP - PI-PCS Interface: Linking of Process Control Systems

Many different types of control system are used in the process industry. While some production lines are controlled by fully-automated, sophisticated process control systems, others are still mainly manually-operated with a low level of automation.

SAP has designed the PI-PCS interface to link PP-PI with manually-operated, partially-automated, and fully-automated lines. In SAP Customizing, you can adapt this interface to meet individual requirements by:

The interface thus enables flexible linking of systems. It meets the degree of automation of the line by offering the possibilities of:

The PI-PCS interface described here is used to transfer all the information relevant to production. If the SAP Quality Management component is to be installed, you can use the QM-IDI interface.

Confirmation of order-related data via the PI-PCS interface replaces order-related confirmations via PP-PDC.

The PI-PCS interface enables the download of control recipes to the lower-level control system and the upload of process-related data in the form of process messages. In addition, it can be used to download general data on characteristics that make up control recipes and process messages.

Control recipes are used for transferring the following data:

Process messages supply information on:

They are used for creating electronic batch and production records, and for updating the process order and material stocks.

You can transfer the following general characteristic data to an external system: