Transfer of Process Messages from the Control System to R/3 PP-PI

Using an RFC, any number of process messages can be transferred from the control system to PP-PI. To transfer messages, call the PP-PI function module PROCESS_MESS_UPLOAD. Transfer is always initiated by the control system.

Several messages can be transferred simultaneously via the interface. In order to reduce the system load, a control system should be capable of collecting process messages and transferring them in groups at reasonable time intervals.

As of Release 4.0A, the process messages can be uploaded using a transactional RFC (tRFC). This type of message upload also is the prerequisite for certification as of Release 4.0A. However, message upload using a synchronous RFC (sRFC) is still supported for existing links to control systems.

For this reason, the message transfer process varies as follows:

PP-PI then initiates a tRFC to the RFC destination of the RFC partner program to transfer the processing results. To do so, it calls function module PROCESS_MESS_GET_RETURN_CODE and transfers interface tables MSHD and MSEL to the control system.

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