Create report variants

In this step you create the variants for the programs used as part of posting to accounting.

You will need these variants if you want to run posting to accounting in the background. By using variants, you can also avoid having to reset the parameters you defined each time you start the report.

When setting up posting to accounting, you should determine a list of check lists to be created and create the relevant variants for starting the wage type statement

Notes on wage type statement

You must first create variants for all possible evaluations that might be required. First, print out the results of all variants as a check. As you gain experience, you will be able to recognize the variants you need for your check list and limit yourself to these.

Please note that the wage type statement does not take the following into account:

It is therefore usually not possible to check expense accounts in this way.


Check lists are normally created for


Create variants with your parameters for the following programs: