Specify version for payroll driver


This step enables you to determine the version of the payroll driver you want to use.

The entry consists of the ID 'CALC' and a two-digit number for your country grouping. This six-character name is then assigned to the version of the payroll driver which you use as of an exact date.

Check that the entry has been made for the payroll driver used for your country version.


- for country grouping '01': CALC01 01.01.1996 31.12.1999 RPCALCD0
- for country grouping '10': CALC10 01.01.1996 31.12.1999 RPCALCU0

Further notes

If you have made an entry in the table for a multiple hiring - in the form CALCMxy - this entry is always used. Otherwise, please use the entry CALCxy, as shown in the example.