Taxable total and grouping

The cycle B051 creates taxable wagetypes /40* and base wagetypes /45*. The latter are used to calculate the tax amount which is deducted from the /40* wagetypes.


The processing class 61 must be maintained for all wagetypes in table 512W.

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains the following possibilities:


1. Indicate the cycle in the schema BVT0 that will create the taxable wage types. In standard settings cycle B051 Creation of base wage types for TAX calculation is used. If you want to use this cycle, leave the schema unchanged.
2. Create your own cycle to create taxable wage types or change the standard cycle B051. If the standard cycle satisfies your needs, leave it unchanged.
3. Decide what wage type are involved to create the taxable wage types and flag them accordingly.