Calculation of tax scales

Tax scales are calculated yearly and stored according to the person's category, tax deduction class and number of children at charge.
Tax scales for persons residential in Belgium and for non-residential persons are stored in different tables.
If a tax scale is calculated, the program will automatically adjust the validity range of eventualy overlapping periods.


Tax scales are generated according to the following specifications:

All these parameters are combined in seven possible options. Finally, you can select all of them choosing 'All options'.

The number of tax scale entries generated is determined by:

The validity range of the new tax scale has to be given. By default tax scales for the current year is presented to be calculated. The program wont start if no start and end date are given.

At the end of the calculation all values are listed. One can decide to update the tables immediately or to confirm the update after consulting the values listed.


1. Determine what categories are active in your company and what income range should be covered,
2. generate the tax scales for all the categories necessary,
3. check the entries listed and store them by the button Save.

Further notes

The tax scales stored in tables T5BTM for residentials and T5BTS for non-residentials can be listed by the report RPCTXIB0.