Assign technical accounts

In this step, you assign an account assignment key to a clearing account (procedure HRA). The clearing account will be referred to as a document split account. The partial totals of all documents in a posting run are posted to a document split account.

Payroll data edited for posting to accounting must be split into several documents per posting run for diverse reasons. Document splits occur in payroll accounting in the following cases (key 1001):

An additional split may be required depending on the size of the document in Financial Accounting (key 1002). In this case, the clearing account specified under account key 1002 in procedure HRA, is used as the document split account.


The clearing account must already be created in FI.


1. Enter the chart of accounts.
2. The rules for the posting transaction HRA Posting to technical accounts is not modifiable.
3. Enter the posting key used for postings to technical accounts. In the standard system, posting key 40 is used for debit postings and posting key 50 is used for credit postings.
4. Set up the assignment of the accounts for transaction HRA:
a) Check the preset assignment of account key and clearing account.
b) If required, change the entries, or make new entries.

Further notes

To avoid problems in current operations, it is advisable to set up a document split account even if you do not yet need to split a document. This will avoid you having to set up the system at short notice if, due to changed parameters, there is an increase in postings or procedures for several company codes are introduced.