Check payroll accounting area

In this step you set up the

payroll areas your company requires. If you set up all payroll areas when working through the implementation guide for Personnel Administration, you need only check them here.

The payroll area serves the following two purposes in Payroll Accounting:

You must still set up the system controls for the personnel control record for each new payroll area.

The personnel control record serves the following functions in payroll accounting:

The lock applies to the payroll past and present. Changes which affect the future can still be made.


You define one payroll area for salaried employees and another for industrial workers.


Find out how many payroll accounting areas your company needs.
You should already have defined the period parameters for payroll accounting.

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 system contains country-specific payroll accounting areas for common employee groups.


Determine the employee groups for which separate payroll runs are to be performed. This depends firstly on whether you want to perform accounting at different times for individual groups such as industrial workers and salaried employees, and secondly on how detailed the evaluations are to be for the payroll area.


1. Check the standard payroll areas and add new ones if necessary.
2. Determine whether or not payroll is to be run for each payroll area.
3. Assign a period parameter to each payroll area.
4. If payroll areas with the same period parameters are to have different paydays, assign different date modifiers to these payroll areas.
5. Create a new control record for each new payroll area
6. Assign the necessary data to each of these control records