Assign financial accounts

In this step, you assign payables accounts to the symbolic accounts for financial postings without a personnel number (account assignment type F) or for financial postings with a personnel number (account assignment type Q).

The payables accounts are usually assigned independently of the employee grouping for account determination.


The symbolic accounts 2110, 2210, and 2220 are to be assigned to the G/L accounts 176000, 176100, and 176200 regardless of the employee grouping for account determination:

Symbolic account G/L account
2110 176000
2210 176100
2220 176200


You should have defined the symbolic accounts and assigned them wage types.

Expense accounts have to be set up for postings from payroll accounting.


1. Enter the chart of accounts
2. Set up the rules for HR posting to financial accounts (HRF):
3. Specify the posting keys to be used for postings to G/L accounts.
In the standard system, posting key 40 is used for debit postings and 50 for credit postings.
4. Set up the assignment of accounts for the transaction HRF:
a) Check the specified assignment between employee grouping for account determination, symbolic account, and G/L account.
b) If necessary, change the entries or add new entries.