Define cumulative retroactive accounting

The entire social insurance calculation is performed by function NSV00, schema NNET, directly after pension calculation.

In this step forced cumulative retroactive acccounting can be selected.

In cumulative retroactive accounting, deductions for social security etc. are calculated up to the current period using the cumulative basic amounts.

The advantage of this method is that no corrections are necessary when a new fiscal year begins or an employee leaves the company. The disadvantage is that the net amount to be paid out can change per payroll period.


Par1 Par2
See rule : NSV00 0

Par1 : 0 = do not force cumulative retroactive accounting
1 = force cumulatieve retroactive accounting

Par2 : see step
Calculate private health insurance premium

Standard settings

The function as described in the above example is part of the standard delivery.


If necessary, change the indicator for forced cumulative retroactive accounting in schema NNET, function NSV00.