Create addresses for 'Bedrijfsverenigingen'

Your organization can be associated with various industrial insurance boards (bedrijfsverenigingen).

In this step you can define general data like address and registration number (aansluitnummer) of each board.


An industrial insurance board can be a branch of the GAK (Industrial Insurance Administration Office).


Industrial insurance boards are defined per legal person (legal entity), which must be specified in the system. It is possible to enter more than one industrial insurance board for a legal person.

Standard settings

SAP supplies a number of sample records with the system. However, you have to enter the relevant industrial insurance board data for your organization.


1. Enter the data of the industrial insurance boards relevant to your organization on the detail screen.
Each industrial insurance board must be given a 3-digit code.
2. To change data of an industrial insurance board, delimit the old data by creating a new record with the correct begin date.