Obtain overview of accounts

In this activity, you will obtain an overview of the accounts to which the payroll results are posted.

The G/L accounts in Financial Accounting are structured according to a chart of accounts. A chart of accounts is defined for each company code and is used for financial accounting within that company code. Note the assignment of charts of accounts to company codes, to which payroll results are to be transferred. If you want to transfer the payroll results to a number of different company codes, you may have to use several charts of accounts when setting up data transfer.


1. Expense accounts:
2. Payables accounts:
3. Sub-ledger accounts:

Your chart of accounts will include many of the aforementioned accounts or accounts with similar descriptions.

Technical Clearing Accounts

In addition, posting to accounting uses clearing accounts that are not normally found in the chart of accounts.

When posting payroll results from HR to accounting, a large posting document is created which has the posting record (Wages, indirect labor costs, salaries, ...) to (deductible wages and salaries, deductible taxes, ...). For technical reasons, this record is almost always split into several postings of expense accounts to document split account and document split account to payables accounts. The split is defined in the activity 'Create posting variants'. You define the account later, in the activity 'Assign technical accounts'.
When a retroactive accounting run is performed, there may be differences between the old and new payment amounts. If only one company code is involved in the retroactive run, or there are no transactions that involve others, these differences are resolved and the wage types are not posted. The differences are also resolved for all company codes if the retroactive run involves several. However, the differences may not be resolved within individual company codes. In this case, a posting is made to the recalculation difference account. In this way, a balance containing the claims or payables between the company codes is created in the recalculation difference account for each company code. These claims or payables must be cleared manually. The recalculation difference account is assigned at a later stage in the step 'Assign financial accounts'.


1. Create an index of the FI accounts to which the payroll results are to be posted.
2. Check that the technical accounts resulting from postings to accounting, such as document split accounts, have been set up in Financial Accounting.