Check table for special groups

There are special tax tables for groups of employees to whom the white and green tax tables are not applicable. The data is prescribed by the tax office. It is part of the standard delivery and can be used as supplied by SAP. Please note that if necessary, data can be changed.


For foreign artists (code 230) under 65, the wage tax (loonheffing) is 25% regardless of the tax class. This group is not entitled to compensatory allowance [overhevelingstoeslag] (data valid for 1995).


The following codes (indicators) must be maintained:

Standard settings

The data prescribed by the tax office is supplied with the standard delivery.


You can enter missing data and change existing values if necessary.


1. Enter the data for special groups and age codes
2. To change data, delimit the old record and create a new one with the correct begin date and the new values. Data that that does not change must also be transferred into the new record.