Link legal entities with personnel areas

In this step you can assign legal persons (legal entities) to personnel areas. A legal person is an independent entity from a legal and fiscal point of view and can be assigned to more than one personnel area. Each employee is assigned a legal person via Infotype 0001 (Organizational Assignment).

For each legal person you can enter:


Suppose you have four personnel areas and two plants which are legally independent. If the first three personnel areas belong to the first plant and the fourth personnel area to the second, the field Legal Person can be treated as follows:

Personnel area Legal person
0001 0001
0002 0001
0003 0001
0004 0002

The field Legal Person is used to specify authorities, e.g. for grouping records of liable employees for annual notifications to the tax authorities and the GAK (Industrial Insurance Administration Office).

Leg.P.No. Address Inc. Tax No. Ind.Insu.Bd. Pension Fund
(Jupernr) (Juperadr.) ( (BV nr.)
0001 ABCstreet 1 0000000001 BV Hout Aegon
Detam Pensioen B.V.

0002 DEFstreet 5 0000000002 BV15 Equity & Law
GBV Zwolsche Alg.
Centraal Beheer


The legal person must have been entered as authority type.
See step Enter Authority Types.

The personnel area must have been defined in the system.

Standard settings

Authority type 05: Legal persons


Use one legal person per tax number [belastingnummer].


1. Assign the personnel areas used by your company to the appropriate persons.