Check parameters for 'ouderenaftrek'

'Age deduction' [Ouderenaftrek] is an additional tax-free allowance for persons age 65 and over who are in tax class 2, 3, 4 or 5, and to whom the green table is applied. The age deduction is only granted if the employee's earnings are below a defined maximum amount. The calculation is influenced by the following parameters:

The data is supplied with the standard delivery. In this step you can enter new values yourself if necessary.




For 1995 the following rule is applied:
The amount available is HFL 792 (age deduction) if the wage earned per year does not exceed HFL 50,423 (maximum annual wage).

Standard settings

The following values are defined:

1. Amount available as 'age deduction'
2. Maximum annual wage


You can modify data if necessary. Please note that when making changes, you must always use the data defined by the tax authorities.