Check assignment to wage type group

In this step, you set up the part of your system that deals with assigning wage types to wage type groups. When you do this, you can either assign your own wage types to a wage type group or change existing assignments.

Standard settings

The standard SAP system already contains the country-specific wage type groups.


Please note, that if you remove a wage type from a wage type group, the wage type will no longer be coded in the logical view that is linked to this wage type group. Therefore, SAP recommends that you are extra careful when removing wage types from wage type groups.


To check and, if necessary, change the assignment of wage types to a wage type group, proceed as follows:

1. Enter the key for the wage type group in the field Wage type group.
2. Obtain an overview of the assignments that already exist.
To do this, choose Display and then choose Selected wage types on the subsequent screen. You will then see the wage types that are already contained in the wage type group.
3. If you want to make changes to the existing assignments, choose Change.
You will then see a list that contains all the available wage types. Wage types that have already been assigned to the wage type group, are flagged.
4. Check the existing assignments. If you want to include a wage type in this wage type group, select it. If you want to remove a wage type that is already contained in the wage type group, delete the flag for the wage type concerned.
5. Save your changes.