Check access to day processing

In this step, you set up the function for accessing day processing of time data in your current personnel calculation schema
Time Management: gross part.


You want wage types to be generated on the basis of the work schedule and the recorded absence and attendance data.

Standard settings

In the gross accounting schemas for the individual country versions xT00 (x = country version), day processing is accessed as follows:

IF PDC If PDC is active in current period
IMPRT B2 Import results of time evaluation
PRINT NP ZL Print time wage types after import
DAYPR TC00 PDC Time wage type selection rule and days that
have not yet been processed in time evaluation
ELSE PDC is not active
DAYPR TC00 Day processing of time data
ENDIF End of PDC active


As a rule, you do not need to make any changes at this point.


Check to see whether the times are active in personnel calculation
schema XT00, as in the standard SAP system.