Define use of 'voordeelregel'

In this step you can define how the 'advantage rule' [voordeelregel] is applied. The entire calculation of compensatory allowance [overhevelingstoeslag, OT] and wage tax [loonheffing, LH] is performed by function NST00, schema NNET, directly after the calculation of social insurance contributions. The function NST00 calculates the amounts for OT/LH and related data such as basic OT and LH amounts, wage for fiscal purposes and special rates.



See rule: NST00 1

Par1 = 0 Advantage rule [voordeelregel] may not be applied
Par1 = 1 Advantage rule [voordeelregel] may be applied


Personal control data is read from infotype 0060.

Standard settings

The function is supplied as described in the example.


Make the necessary changes in schema NNET.


Modify the 'advantage rule' [voordeelregel] indicator in function NSV00.