Define processing types

In this step, you define the processing types which can be assigned to a time pair . Wage types are generated in day processing of time data according to the processing type.


You want a full-day business trip to be processed separately. To do this, you need a processing type D Business Trip . This makes it possible to generate special wage types for these times.

Standard settings

The standard SAP system contains the processing types which are essential for wage type generation. You must not change or delete these.


You need only make entries here if the distinctions (between planned work, overtime and absence) are not sufficient for time wage type selection in your company. It is not usually be necessary to make entries here.


1. Decide whether you need additional processing types to represent your way of working.
2. Assign a letter or a number to the processing type and enter this in the table.

Further notes

If you change the processing type of a time pair, it is not validated against the entries made here. We recommed however that you enter the processing type here, since the semantic meaning of the processing type comes from the table, and you can use the processing type for time wage type selection.