Read planned working time from work schedule

In this step, you set up function P200 in
personnel calculation schema
TC00. This function imports the day's
planned working time data and generates a
time pair based on the planned working time.


The standard SAP system distinguishes four

day types:

You want time pairs to be formed according to planned working time for day type 1 (usually public holidays), and delimited with time data which has already been imported.

Standard settings

Planned working times are imported and time pairs formed accordingly. The system does not take account of core times specified in the daily work schedule.


1. If you want the system to create a planned pair for each day irrespective of the day type, enter EVER as the first parameter of function P2000 in personnel calculation schema TC00.
2. Specify how the time pairs to be imported should be merged with the existing time pairs. To do this, set the second parameter of function P2000 as follows:
3. Decide whether or not the core time in the daily work schedule is relevant for further processing. If not, enter N as the third parameter in function P2000.
4. If you enter NOTP as the fourth parameter, time pairs are not derived from the daily work schedule. You can use this parameter if the actual times are to be taken directly from the recorded attendances (infotype 2002).

Further notes

In time accounting, the pair type of the time pair indicates whether the employee is at work or absent. The pair types are as follows:

The time pairs imported by this function are assigned the pair type attendance pairs ("1") and the origin indicator BLANK on a workday.