Import absence data

In this step, you determine how the payroll driver should import absences which have been entered manually.


Absences entered manually should annul attendances that exist in parallel (planned time pairs). The imported attendance time pairs have pair type 1. Import manually entered absences using function P2001 in personnel calculation schema TC00. Enter 12 as the second parameter. As a result, colliding attendance pairs are delimited for processing.

Standard settings

Absence data is only imported on workdays. Time pairs which have already been imported and have pair type 1 are delimited.


Only make settings here if you do not want to use the standard system. Do not remove this function from the personnel calculation schema.


1. Decide whether you want to import the absences on all days, i.e. regardless of whether it is a workday or not. If you do, enter EVER as parameter 1 of function P2001.
2. Decide how the existing time pairs are to be delimited. The following options are open to you:

Enter the appropriate value as parameter 2 of function P2001.