Check lump sums for commuting

In this step you can enter the fixed commuting allowance. Default values for public transportation and private vehicle commuting are supplied with the standard delivery. Please note that when the amounts change, you can modify the values in the system.


The allowances are fixed on a weekly and monthly basis. They also depend on the means of transportation, commuting distance and the number of days per week on which the employee commutes. The term 'commuting distance' is used to denote the maximum distance for which the amounts are valid.

Example: Employee's own vehicle, commuting distance 17 kilometers (use distance = 20), 2 days per week: Fixed allowances (in 1995)


The transportation method indicator must be maintained.

Standard settings

The fixed amounts for indicators 0 (employee's own vehicle) and 1 (public transportation) are supplied as part of the standard delivery.


You can change the amounts whenever necessary.


1. Enter the data for indicators / maximum distance.
2. To change values, delimit the old data and create a new record with the new values and correct begin date.