Define grouping for absence valuation

In this step, employees whose absences are valuated in the same way can be grouped together depending upon the employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rules. In this respect, you determine which table entries are used by the system for which employee subgroup groupings to valuate an absence.
To do this, function MOD XMOD GEN is accessed in personnel calculation schema MT00. By accessing this function, the system calls up personnel calculation rule XMOD (groupings for payroll accounting).


You want to enter different rules for valuating absences for the hourly paid on the one hand and for salaried employees on the other. For this reason, use this step to determine which table entries are used by the system to valuate absences.

Standard settings

The modifiers A and 2 (MODIF A, MODIF 2) are set in the standard SAP delivery system. Modifier A controls system access of the table Absence Valuation , which you process in the following steps.

MODIF A = 01:
When accounting takes place, the system only uses entries in the table Absence Valuation if they have the value 01 in the field A.val.gping (employee grouping for absence valuation). Other table entries are ignored when absences are valuated.

MODIF 2 = 01:
In the standard system, MODIF 2 is also set in this personnel calculation rule. You determine the groupings for accessing tables via MODIF 2 in a later step for time wage type valuation.


You should only make changes if you want the payroll driver to access tables for other groupings. In this respect, you must encode the appropriate tables for the groupings in question.


1. Find out which groupings you want to use to access which tables. An overview of the groupings and tables is included in the documentation on operation MODIF. To display the overview, flag the entry MODIF A in the operation column and press F1.
2. Make a copy of standard personnel calculation rule XMOD and rename it ZMOD.
3. Depending on the employee subgroup grouping for personnel calculation rules , set the values of MODIF A in personnel calculation rule ZMOD in accordance with the groupings to be used to access the tables.
4. If you require more groupings for accessing tables, use the standard entries model to add more lines.
5. Change personnel calculation rule access MOD XMOD GEN in personnel calculation schema MT00 by entering personnel calculation rule ZMOD as the second parameter instead of XMOD.