Define calculation methods and days

The function NWV00 in schema NAL0 is used to calculate the fixed commuter allowance using data from infotype 0127 and table T5N4A. The maximum tax-free amount is stored in wage type /W02.

This function is only applicable to proportional (pro rata) calculations. The first parameter can be set to 'W' (calculation based on workdays) or "K" (calculation based on calendar days).


See rule NWV00 W in schema NAL0.


Commuting data must have been entered in infotype 0127.

Standard settings

In the standard system the function NWV00 is set to workdays.


Set parameter 1 of function NWV00.

Further notes

The fixed amount is used for comparison with the taxable amounts from calculation rule NSC0. The purpose of this operation is to perform a split into a taxable and a tax-exempt amount.