Store time wage types as a gross amount in results table

In this step you can define how each time wage type is to be stored in the results table (RT).

Standard settings

In the standard delivery, this function is deactivated with asterisks.

In order to improve performance, time wage types can be read in and then immediately stored in basic amounts and transferred to the RT. Normally this is not necessary. If you want to use the feature, activate the call of calculation rule X020 in the schema.


1. Check whether your company requires the function.
2. If you want to use it, activate the call of the calculation rule.
3. Check in which cumulation wage type each time wage type is to be included.
4. Set up the wage type accordingly.

Further notes

The procedure must also be applied to wage types from infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) . Since these wage types are required in a later phase of payroll accounting, they also have to be transferred.