Create person-related valuation bases

In this step, you define the hourly or daily rates that are to be formed for individual persons during payroll accounting. To do this, you must specify the valuation bases that are to include each wage type in infotype 0008, Basic Pay.


Wage types not entered in the Basic Pay infotype cannot be used to form valuation bases.

Standard settings

Two hourly rates are formed in technical wage types /001 and /002 in the standard personnel calculation rules X010 and X013. During this process, the period values for an employee (e.g. salary) are added up in calculation rule X010. Rule X013 then divides this total by the hours in a period ( Basic remuneration divisor field) taken from the Basic Pay infotype. Division is not performed for hourly wage earners, since hourly rates are already specified for them.


1. Determine which hourly or daily rates you require
2. Copy standard personnel calculation rule X010 and rename it Z010
3. Define all the formulas you require in rule Z010
4. Copy standard rule X013 and rename it Z013
5. Define all the formulas you require in rule Z013
6. Change the rules accessed in
schema MT00 from X010 to Z010 and X013 to Z013
7. Document the new formulas
8. Specify the valuation bases for each basic pay wage type


If you only require one or two hourly rates and the formulas specified suit your requirements, you can skip points two to seven.