Create person-related valuation bases

In this step you can define the hourly and day rates (valuation bases) that are to be calculated for each individual employee during payroll accounting, and the calculation method. Furthermore, for each wage type included in payroll accounting via infotype 0008 (Basic pay), the valuation bases must be defined.


The forming of valuation bases only applies to wage types entered via infotype 0008 (Basic pay).

Standard settings

In the standard personnel calculation rules N010 and N013, two hourly rates are formed in the technical wage types /001 and /002. In calculation rule N010 the period values of the employee (e.g. salary) are accumulated. In calculation rule N013 the resulting total is divided by the total number of hours during a period hours per month) as stored in infotype 0008 (Basic pay). For employees receiving hourly wage, the total is not divided because the hourly rates already exist in the system.


1. Determine which hourly and daily rates you need.
2. Copy the standard calculation rule N010 to rule Z010.
3. Define all required formulas in calculation rule Z010.
4. Copy the standard calculation rule N013 to rule Z013.
5. Define all required formulas in calculation rule Z013.
6. Change the call of calculation rule N010 to Z010 and the call of rule N013 to Z013 in schema NT00.
7. Document the new formulas.
8. Define the valuation bases for each wage type of the 'basic pay' type.

Further notes

If you require one or two hourly rates, you may omit the points 2 to 7.