Define wage type-dependent constants

In this step you set the values for constant valuations; constant valuations are wage type dependent.

Default settings

The standard SAP System provides sample entries with a modifier value of 01 which you can use as a model for your own wage types.


1. Please clarify whether there are wage types in your company which are valuated as constants.
2. Please check whether a wage type is valuated differently, according to certain criteria.
Such criteria could be location or employee subgroup, for example.
3. Please copy the standard
personnel calculation rule XMOD and rename it ZMOD.
4. Please set up this decision tree in personnel calculation rule ZMOD, setting modifier 2 (MODIF 2) to different values.
5. Please change the name of the rule in schema MT00 from XMOD to ZMOD.
6. Please enter the values for each wage type and modifier.


Modifier 2 is generally set to the value 01 in the standard SAP System. If you do not require different values for the same wage type, you can ignore points three to five and enter all wage types under the modifier value 01.