Bases for valuation of averages

Collective agreements often contain rules stating that absences are to be remunerated using an average from past months. In the following steps, you set the rules required. To carry out valuation by the principle of averages, you must first decide the following:

Standard settings

Three sample entries are delivered:

These entries can be found in client 000. Other entries are also planned for further functions in HR.


Familiarise yourself with the overview about the possibilities of how to create the pay scale rules in the system. Please refer to a description of individual and essential steps in the following chapters.

You can edit this part either according to wage types or as a whole. When editing each infotype separately please perform all steps until adjusting each wage type in the payroll procedure. The adjustment should occur altogether.

You can create the personnel rules and the rules (calculation, cumulation, adjustment) for all wage types in all chapters if you process all data at the same time.