Belcotax field specifications

In this step all non specific zones of Belcotax record 2, Personal records , are defined. The use of these zones is different for each type of declaration.


Some examples for form 281.10 Normal income declaration are:
260 Normal salary
261 Vacation bonus
262 Total of 260 and 261

Some examples for form 281.20 Administrators income declaration are:
260 Periodic remunerations
261 Tantiemes
262 Other remunerations

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains predefined legal descriptions for all non specific zones of the following forms:

281.10 Remuneration form,
281.11 Pension form,
281.13 Unemployment allowances and early retirement,
281.20 Remuneration of administrators,
281.21 Remuneration of active associates.


Do not alter the standard settings, except if the legal regulations are subject to changes.


1. Change the standard settings in case of legal changes.
2. Add your own definitions for new forms if necessary. In that case the report RPCTXAB0 should be adapted accordingly.