Rules for Belcotax declaration

In this step all wage types contributing to the non specific zones of the Belcotax record 2, Personal records , are specified. The amounts declared in these zones are different for each type of declaration.

At the same time the different sums reported in the monthly tax summery are composed. Three sums are defined:


Some examples for form 281.10 Normal income declaration are:

/30A Special SI contribution 275 Special contribution SI 3 +
/30B Regulation spec.contr. 275 Special contribution SI 3 +
/401 Tax base ordinary pay 260 Normal salary 1 +

meaning that wage types /30A and /30B contribute to Belcotax zone 275 and to the total of special contributions, wage type /401 to zone 260 and the total taxable amount.

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains predefined legal descriptions for most non specific zones of the forms:

281.10 Remuneration form,
281.11 Pension form,
281.13 Unemployment allowances and early retirement,
281.20 Remuneration of administrators,
281.21 Remuneration of active associates.


The Belcotax fields defined should not be changed, but the composition of these fields should be adapted according to your own wage types used.


1. Adapt the standard composition of Belcotax fields according to your requirement:
2. In case new Belcotax fields should be added or changed, according to legal changes, the report RPCTXAB0 should be adapted accordingly.

Further notes

The monthly tax report is generated by the report RPCTXFB0.
The yearly tax declaration is generated by the report RPCTXAB0, copied onto magnetic device by RPCTXBB0 and the individual fiscal sheets are printed by RPCTXCB0.