Set up data in fixed positions

In this step the data in fixed positions for the individual fiscal sheets are defined according to the specification of the Belgian ministry of finances.


Some examples of data in fixed positions for form BT00 are:

Line Offset Length WTyp Fieldname Fld-Offset Conversion Rule
3 010 08 002- NFICHS29 00
3 068 04 000- ANNEE02 00
5 043 10 002- Z00260 00 10
5 053 01 002- Z00260S 00 69

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains the definition of data in fixed positions for following forms:

BT00 Normal remunerations 281.10
BT01 Retirement form 281.11
BT02 Remuneration of administrators 281.20
BT03 Unemployment allowances & early retirement 281.13
BT07 remuneration of active associates 281.21

The following format conversions are available in the standard SAP R/3 System:

10 = number without leading zeroes,
13 = print a Belcotax date (stored DDMMYYYY),
15 = prints a number only if different from zero,
20 = prints marital state description,
21 = prints country description,
69 = prints the sign of a number if different from zero,
96 = prints the notion of border worker,
97 = prints the code for advantages of all nature,
98 = blancs out a field if its value is 'N',
99 = blancs out a field if its value is zero.


The standard definitions should not be changed, except if the legal regulations are subject of changes.

In case you would like to add new format convertions, the report RPCTXCB0 should be adapted accordingly.


1. Change the standard settings in case of legal changes.
2. Add your own definitions for new forms if necessary.

Further notes

General information about the definition of data in fixed positions for a form can be found in Data in fixed positions of the pay slip.