Setting Up the Form with Views (Old Procedure)

This section enables you to configure remuneration statements.

Before the system can create a remuneration statement, you must set up the appropriate form.

Standard settings

The standard system contains a standard form for creating remuneration statements. The form is stored under the name:

"<Country indicator>F01"

For example, the standard form for the US is stored under "UF01" and that for Germany under "DF01".


We recommend that you use the standard form as this requires you to make fewer settings in the system. You must always perform the instructions in the following step:

In this step, you determine the wage types to be printed on your remuneration statement and the sequence in which they are printed.

When using the standard form you may also have to make the settings described in one or more of the following:

Further notes

Note on multilingual forms

You can set up a form so that remuneration statements can be created in several languages (see "Set up form").