Adjust calculation of averages within the payroll run

In this section, you adjust payroll flow control to the calculation of averages set up in your system.


1. Determine whether you need to change the standard setup. This is the case if you require more specifications for processing class 15 (valuation according to the principle of averages) than are already available or intend to perform further processing using the average calculated value. In this case, carry out points 2 to 6.
2. Copy personnel calculation rule Special processing for valuating time wage types to rule Z016.
3. For each specification of processing class 15, create an entry in rule Z016 using operation MEANV and, as a parameter, the required calculation rule.
4. Copy rule Wage type valuation and rename it Z015.
5. Enter your rule Z016 in rule Z015.
6. In schema Processing time data in payroll accounting, change rule Wage type valuation to your rule Z015.