Constants for SI declaration

In this step the Payroll constants used to calculate the Social insurance declaration are defined.


The employer's contribution for the employment fund for Risk groups , according to a collective aggreement in your company (family 5236), is determined by:

SVRIB Rate for risk groups, base contribution,
SVRIN Rate for risk groups, special contribution,
SVRIS Rate for risk groups if no seperated amounts specified.

The reduction on employer's contribution for employees in small companies, known as the Maribel-operation (family 5310), is only valid for employees who work at least a certain percentage of a full-time job:
SVMAR Minimum activity for Maribel reduction.

Standard settings

The following payroll constants also are of importance in the calculation of the SI declaration, but were already specified in step Payroll constants for SI calculation :

SV100 Multiplier for roundings,
SV108 Increase of the workforce's SI base,
SVACE Rate for children's reception,
SVAEL Rate for extra legal advantages (group insurance),
SVCHO Rate for unemployment guidance,
SVFFE Limit number of employees for the Factory Shutdown Fund,
SVGES Contribution to the Factory Shutdown Fund if not specified
in table T5BV7 , updated via
Parameter settings ,
SVKBL Supplementary contribution rate for companies that do not
apply wage moderation,
SVKBZ Supplementary contribution rate if wage moderation applied,
SVRDF Reduction for previous RVA apprentice,
SVVAC Rate for employee's SI contribution double holiday payment.


Do not alter the payroll constants, except if the legal regulations were changed.


The payroll constants should only be changed in case the legal settings are subject to changes: