Determine valuation basis for different payment

Personnel calculation rule X012 is used to determine the valuation basis for a different payment. The personnel calculation rule checks whether entries have been made in the Position and Pay scale group/level fields, or in the other fields that might be specified when entering a different payment.

Depending on which fields are filled, sub-personnel calculation rules are activated. These query the appropriate tables and place the results into the evaluation bases (generally speaking, evaluation bases /001 and /002).
Note: evaluation bases that are formed from a different payment are marked with an ALP split.


1. For the work the employee carried out, he/she is paid according to a different pay scale group or pay scale level. This information is entered in the Different payment window in the infotype Substitutions (2003).
Personnel calculation rule X012 determines whether entries have been made for these fields. If entries have been made for these fields, personnel calculation rule X212 is activated. This rule is used to read the corresponding entries from the "Pay scale groups" table (T510) and to move them into the evaluation basis.
2. If personnel calculation rule X012 determines that a position is specified for the different payment, personnel calculation rule X112 is activated. As for personnel calculation rule X010, evaluation bases with ALP split are calculated for the wage types specified in the "Positions - work centers" table (T528B) and the corresponding values.


1. The pay scale groups and pay scale levels must have been set up.
2. The positions must have been stored.
3. Evaluation classes /001 and /002 must be maintained.
4. To modify and adjust personnel calculation rules, you need a sound knowledge of how to use personnel calculation schemas, personnel calculation rules, functions and operations.

Standard settings

The personnel calculation rules mentioned are part of standard personnel calculation schema XT00.


Start off by using the setting of the standard SAP System. If you want to make modifications, you should use the existing personnel calculation rules as references.


1. Check whether the default settings meet your requirements
2. If necessary, adapt personnel calculation rules X012, X112, X212 and X312 according to your requirements