Sequence of SI declaration structure

The Quarterly SI declaration consists of a number of records, predefined by the National Office of Social Insurance.
In this step the structure of the SI declaration is defined in an automatic way.

Each record is preceeded by a sort sequence number of 18 digits. The last 3 digits indicate the level or block number of the record.
The evolution of the first 15 digits depend on the value of the level. The number starts at all zeroes in the tape header records and ends at all nines in the tape ending record.

These first 15 digits of the record identification number are divided into 4 sequence numbers:


Here some examples of how to define these changes of sequence numbers:

Min Max Seq.1 Seq.2 Seq.3 Seq.4
000 002 Z Z Z Z => put all to zeroes
100 100 1 Z Z Z => add 1 to 1st, all other to zeroes
101 197 0 0 0 0 => leave all unchanged
198 199 0 9 9 9 => 1st unchanged, others to all 9's
200 200 0 1 Z Z => ...

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains all legal regulations.


Do not alter the standard settings, except if the legal regulations are subject of changes.