Social insurance declaration format

In this step the record format of the different SI declarations records is defined. This record definition corresponds to the structure definitions of the records that can be viewed via ABAP/4 Data dictionary utility.


This example gives the structure of the SI declaration record type 100, company information:

SeqNo Area name Description
01 RSZNR SI Registration number sequence
02 RSZCA SI category employer
03 ATRIM Quarter number
04 CEMIS Emission category
05 NNEAN Nothingness notion
06 NDECL Kind of SI declaration
07 SPRSL Language code assignment
08 BDFAL Company insolvent
09 BDHST Company being reorganised
99 TEXTE Free text on SI-tape

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains all definitions of the existing SI declaration record types.


Do not change the standard entries, except if the legal regulations change. In that case the structure should also be changed in the ABAP/4 Data dictionary. If new structures are entered, these should also be defined in the reports that generate the SI declaration.