Create a loan type

In this step, you define the loan types to be used in your enterprise and their time constraints. Loan types are subtypes of the infotype Loans (0045).


Employees in your enterprise are entitled to building loans and car loans. These loan types can be loans with constant repayments (instalment loan) or a loan that has a constant sum made up from a combinatin of the repayment and the interest payments (annuity loans).


Get an idea of the loan types that are used in your enterprise.

Standard settings

The standard SAP system contains building, car and acquisition loans as instalment and annuity loans and a permanent advance.



1. Copy the SAP sample entries.
2. If necessary, add additional loan types.

Further notes

For Spain, you can also store this information along with your master data. In this case, you may only need to check or add to the information in this step.