Check logical view

In this step, you can change the logical views. You can check and, if necessary, change the assignment of the wage type groups contained in the logical view. For logical views that affect the coding of cumulations, processing classes and evaluation classes , you can assign additional cumulations etc. to a logical view. This enables you to link your own processing classes etc. to these views.


SAP recommends that you do not delete the assignments that already exist as you will no longer be able to carry out the steps for coding wage types that are contained in this section of the implementation guide. You should therefore restrict yourself to supplementing the logical views that are delivered with the standard SAP system.


To check and, if necessary, change the assignment of the wage type group to a logical view, proceed as follows:

1. Enter the code for the logical view in the field View.
2. Choose Change.
You will now see a list of all the available wage type groups. The wage type groups that are linked to this logical view are flagged.
3. If you want to add another wage type to the logical view, select it. You can remove a wage type group from the logical view by deleting the existing flag accordingly.
4. Save your entries.
5. If you want to edit a logical view using cumulations etc. and you want to change the assignment of the cumulations, processing classes and evaluation classes, proceed as follows:
a) Choose Continue.
b) Choose Cumulations, Processing classes or Evaluation classes.
Depending on which of the three objects you have chosen, a list is displayed which contains all the available entries. Entries that have already been offered for maintenance in the logical view are flagged.
c) Select the entries that you want to be offered for maintenance in addition to those already flagged.
d) Save your entries.

Further notes

To display the name of the logical view assigned to a step in the implementation guide, please proceed as follows:

1. Access the view of the IMG structure.
2. Place the cursor on the relevant step.
3. Click Goto -> Document attributes -> Display -> Objects.
In the dialog window which appears, the name of the logical view is displayed in the Subobject for the objects V_512W_B, V_512W_C or V_512W_D.