Logic of SI payments

In this step the additional SI contributions applicable are defined. For each company the wage types and the payroll constants concerned in the contributions are specified.

The following additional contributions, with their corresponding wage types and payroll constants, are supported:

No Description Wage types Constants
809 Contribution to Factory Shutdown Fund /31A /31B SVGES
810 Spec.Contrib. to Factory Shutdown Fund /317 SVGES
851 Spec.Contrib. to extra-legal Pension /316 SVAEL
852 Contribution Employment Fund, gr. risks /315 SVRIB SVRIN
853 Contrib. ER for unvolontary part-timers
854 Contrib. for unemployment guidance /319 SVCHO
855 Spec.Contrib. ER moderated wages 401 /318 SVKBL
856 Spec.Contrib. Soc.Ins. (law 30-03-94)
857 Spec.Contrib. ER no moderated wages 401 /313 SVKBZ
858 Contribution in favor of day nurseries /31D SVACE

The following line edit specifications are supported:

01 Default Employer SI rates used
02 Rate special contribution from payroll constants
03 Rate taken from payroll constants
04 Special cotribution splitted into two parts
BT Amount added to special contribution
99 Connect to following line

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains an example.


1. Copy the entries of the additional contributions existing in your company and put the correct employer category and SI number.
2. You can delete the unused entries from the example.

Further notes

Constants for SI declaration
Parameter settings (employer SI rates)