Definition of quarterly control ticket

In this step the form to be used for the employee categories valid in your company are defined.

In addition, the print layout, the number of lines/page and columns/line can be specified. This format will be used to print the controle list of the SI declaration.


The following entries are defined:

Employee category Form Format
015 Workers standard category BS00 X_65_132
876 Spec. contrib. EEs publ.service BS01 X_65_132
879 Spec. contrib. for Early retirees BS02 X_65_132

Standard settings

The standard SAP R/3 System contains sample entries that normally should satisfy all your needs.


Only modify the layout or print parameters if necessary and pay attention not to specify a line width smaller than 110 characters.

Form BS00 can be defined for another employee category, but the forms BS01 and BS02 should always be related to employee categories 876 ans 879.
If you prefer to work with a copy of these forms, beware to connect these copies to the employee categories 876 and 879.


Change the print layout and parameters if needed.