Adjust calculation

This step enables you to change loan accounting.


This is not usually necessary.


1. Make your own copy of
standard calculation rule XLON for loan accounting.
2. Modify the copied personnel calculation rule so that it meets your requirements.
3. In the "Loan accounting" schema, activate your personnel calculation rule and deactivate standard calculation rule XLON.
4. You can determine whether payments and repayments are to take place at the start or end of a period by parameters 2 (GRSS) and 3 (BEG or END) in line P0045 of the "Loan accounting" schema:
P0045 GRSS END Zinsberechnung
This allows you to control whether or not interest is calculated for the whole period.
Example: If parameter 3 is 'END' and payment takes place via payroll accounting, the employee does not need to pay interest for the period in which payment takes place. If the parameter is 'BEG', interest is due in the payment period for 30 days.