Include wage type assignment in form

This step explains how to set up special wage types in the remuneration statement. These special wage types represent the wage types grouped in the wage type assignments for the form printout.

General procedure

For each wage type assignment for which information is printed in a window, you must enter the following specifications:

You can also specify the following for each wage type assignment in the window:

Wage type assignment

Wage type assignments for the form printout represented by the specifications in evaluation class 02, are included in special wage types as follows:

You want to create a special wage type for wage type assignments "01". This special wage type represents all wage types with specification "01" in evaluation class 02. In this case, you enter:

For information on other entries, refer to the section "Set up wage types in window" . Wage type information provided in the aforementioned section also applies to special wage types created for the form printout. However, you must take note of the table name restriction.

The table name specifies the payroll results table in which wage type information is stored for printing. Results table "RT" and cumulated results table "CRT" are among the tables valid for payroll account wage type assignments.