Identifiers in window

This step explains how to set up identifiers in a window.

For further information, refer to the section "Set up wage types in window", or to the documentation on the form editor.

For information on how to use the form editor in the R/3 System, choose Help -> R/3 Library -> HR - Human Resources -> HR Tools -> Forms: HR Form Editor.

This step explains how to do the following:

General procedure

The following specifications must be made for every identifier (for example, wage type) for which data is printed in a window:

The following can also be specified for every identifier in the window:

These specifications are explained below where they are not self-explanatory.

Line and column type

A layout is identified by the line type and column type.

For further information, refer to the section "Line layout".


If data is selected according to certain conditions, you can specify a rule identifier in this field. The rule controls the selection of information.

You can specify rules in the step "Rules" .

Editing splits

For further information, refer to the section "Summarize identifiers".


If the total amount ("BETRG"), number ("ANZHL") and rate ("BETPE") of wage type are "0", the wage type is not selected to be displayed in a window because of a setting in the program itself, even if a rule has not been assigned.


Make the required entries using the form editor. Choose the activity for the form editor.